About Sumit

I am a software engineer (specialized in Frontend Technologies) based on Bengaluru, India. Currently I am at my hometown, living life like old good days, it gave me the opportunity to work under lap of nature, get inspired from surroundings, it helped me to see and solve problems in different ways. I like creating intuitive web apps by combining the art of design with the art of programming that seamlessly integrate into our lives.

Other than this, I like to create contents that can help others, write blogs, learn new things & share with you all, and my favourite hobbies are photography and cinematography.

Professional Experience

Tekion Corp.

SSE | Aug 2020 - Present

The First & Fastest Cloud-Native Automotive Retail Platform.

  • Rule Engine - Intuitive app that gives users the ability to create complex rules which are a combination of different actions and conditions, and can be triggered manually or automatically when required. Took ownership and build the product from scratch with React, Redux, D3, and other custom wrote UI interaction logics


Associate Team Lead - SE | July 2016 - Aug 2020

FusionCharts provides JavaScript charting library for web and enterprise applications across globe.

  • Web Apps - Frontend architecture and migration of FusionCharts web apps from PHP to NodeJs with VueJs SSR. Achieved high performance, improved SEO, accessibility, and browser compatibility.
  • Design System - Build a custom design system for FusionCharts from scratch to create a consistent experience across different apps, which allowed developers and designers to reuse design components.
  • Visual Regression - A visual comparison test to compare design changes between new and old pages, to deliver seamless and pixel- perfect deployments.
  • Fusion Store - Contributed and maintained to this internal tool like jsFiddle where one can create and store charts.
version 1.0.1 - 2022 - Sumit Pal